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Overview map of Scarborough Borough
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Legend - Borough Local Plan (1999)
Borough Boundary Adjacent Local Authority Areas Local Plan area Boundary National Park Boundary Development Limits Coastal Zone Heritage Coast Protected Landscape Between Villages National & Intl. Important Nature Conservation Site Local Important Nature Conservation Site Archaeolgical Site Mulgrave Castle Historic park & Gardens Proposed Employment Site Committed Employment Site Prime Holiday Area South Bay North Bay Leisure Parks Amusement Arcade Policy Area Mere & Oliver's Mount Country Park Community Woodland Leisure Development Existing Caravan Site Amtree Park Whitby Abbey Headland Whitby Upper Harbour Pier Road - Whitby Proposed Housing Site Committed Housing Site Primrose Valley, Flat Cliffs, Hunmanby Gap Town Centre Boundary Town Centre Regeneration Area Protected Town Centre residential Area Albemarle Crescent Restriction of Uses Primary Shopping Frontage Secondary Shopping Frontage Tertiary Shopping Frontage District Centre Boundary Eastborough Shopping Area Boundary Station Avenue Supermarket, Filey Highway Schemes Park & Ride Site Ancilary Development to Seamer Rd Park & Ride Bus Station Coach Picking Up / Setting Down Point Cycle Route Sports Facility Public Open Space Golf Course Former Scarborough to Whitby Railway Line Community Facilities Middle Deepdale & High Eastfield Student Accommodation Reservoir Proposed New Primary School

Legend - Housing Allocations DPD (Preferred Options)
Preferred Housing Option Dismissed Housing Option

Legend - Other Relevant Designations
Conservation Area

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Many Scarborough Borough Council forward planning consultations are on our Limehouse application: view current and past consultations.

More information about the Local Development Framework (LDF) and Forward Planning.

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Scarborough Borough Council, Town Hall, St Nicholas Street, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 2HG. Tel: 01723 232323